Welcome to Kids Club Martial Arts, where lives are changed with every kick.

Kids Club Martial Arts (dba World Class Martial Arts) was started by Master Franco Parchamento in 2000. At the end of 2018, his legacy and tradition of teaching Taekwondo to kids of all ages was passed on to loyal and dedicated instructors and partners.

Kids Club Martial Arts teaches Olympic Style Taekwondo, self-defense and weapons training. Students range in age from 5 years old to young at heart 60+ year olds and enjoy all levels of working out to match their needs.

Taekwondo, ‘The way of the hand and foot’, is the Korean art of self-defense. Through Taekwondo, one will gain, fitness, flexibility, self-defense, self-discipline and so much more. Kids Club Martial Arts has competition training for forms (poomsaes) and sparring but also emphasizes discipline, focus, self-defense, fitness and flexibility.

Come join us in training and make new friends!