Founded in 2000, Kids Club Martial Arts is the brainchild of Grand Master Franco Parchamento and the fruition of a long-time dream. A 36-year veteran of martial arts, Grand Master Franco’s first encounter with the practice was with the Shotokan on the island of Guam under Grand Master Shiroma.  As a 20-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Grand Master Franco continued to become more proficient in his martial arts skills when he enlisted and was stationed in various cities throughout the United States and Japan.

In 1995, the United States Marine Corps recognized Grand Master Franco for his exemplary performance and promoted him to Master Sergeant.  At the same time, he received orders to be stationed in Okinawa where he met Grand Master Joe Giampietro. It was Giampietro who encouraged and guided him into opening a martial arts school of his own.

Grand Master Franco currently holds a 6th Dan National School of Martial Arts under Grand Master Joe Giampietro.  He has been a certified United States National Taekwondo Federation Referee as well.